2018 Reflection

With every NEW year, I realize just how “short” the time span truly is. And I will admit, as tired as people may be of the themes that come at this time of year, I love reflecting on the ups AND the downs and setting new goals! I generally find that the hard times was where I grew and the exciting times motivated me to keep going and keep GROWING! Because no matter how much we like to admit it, without growth in our lives, we remain stagnant. And if we remain stagnant, in my opinion, we are going backwards.

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This December I have been all about the comfiest and cutest at home wear because I am SUCH a home body!!! I am very much a hermit at heart and my home is my safe place. And there is something so magical about a home at Christmas time. I know with all of my heart that it’s Jesus, the reason of the season filling our hearts with pure love and joy.

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