Casual Stripes – An Every Day Look

Hoodie Wearing XS / Mom Jean Wearing Size 0 / Earrings H & M- Available in Store.

My preferred style changes from season to season. I find myself drawn to casual or flirty/feminine looks in the summer and gravitate towards elegance in the fall/winter. This outfit is a prime example of how much my style relaxes in the spring and summer.

This outfit was created around the purchase of a new pair of mom jean’s. I wanted another pair so bad (I was waiting for Garage to bring in another style for me to buy)!!! While similar to the other pair that I own these are a lighter wash and even more distressed. They also have a more relaxed fit which I enjoy. This striped crop sweater was the perfect compliment to the denim. I am a huge fan of stripes, I especially love a black & white combo. While both pieces are loose (a person has to be careful when wearing relaxed pieces together) the shape of the high waist balances out the look.

So, I have a general rule that I like to follow when I get dressed in the morning and would love to know if anyone else goes by this rule? Showcase one physical feature. I feel that if I follow this rule, it keeps things classy. Of course there are exceptions but for example, in today’s blog post, I am showing a little midriff (probably should have done a few more situps, haha). But then in turn I try not to have the rest of the outfit too flashy. Does that make sense? Another example, if you are wearing shorts or a shorter skirt, keep the top more modest, etc.

Before I go. How was everyone’s weekend? Ben and I were able to make a trip into Regina so we took advantage of being in the city and took pictures downtown. We were in need of a mini getaway from work and renovations and it ended up being exactly what we both needed! I am entering this week feeling completely refreshed. It’s amazing what a matter of a couple days can do considering I was a bundle of stress and nerves on Friday, hehe. I even found time to do my nails (I have a nail lamp at home that I thoroughly enjoy when I can find the time). I had bought a new shade of gel polish that I couldn’t wait to try. It’s an icy blue and was perfect for this outfit. I can’t even remember the last time I had my nails done so it was a huge treat.

Ooo, and one last thing. Don’t you love the pop of orange in the earrings!! I thought they were so fun.

Xo, Emmarie.


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