Brown Teddy Jacket with POP of Red


You guys, I think this was the most fun I have ever had blogging! Ben and I had our sights on a different location to take pictures but we woke up to A LOT of wind and our chosen location was wide open so we ended up driving out to the dam just a few minutes out of town. It was still crazy windy but the trees helped calm it down a touch. You wouldn’t know it by these photos but I had a hard time holding myself up, haha. All in all, I think things worked out exactly the way they were supposed to! Side note: I actually used to cry when it was too windy and we were trying to capture images because I was so frustrated. As time has progressed we have learned how to work “with” the wind and now I actually quite enjoy it and can even use it to my advantage!

Sometimes, I wish you guys could see behind the scenes because there are some pretty hilarious moments! Ben actually carried me down to the water because I would have broken an ankle in these stilettos. I was laughing the entire way and I don’t think he was having a terrible time either 😉

For this look I chose my brown teddy coat and a pop of red. I actually love brown and red in fashion. And if you haven’t figured it out, I am obsessed with teddy coats! I have 3 and they are all from the same place because they are my favorite. To add some interest to this outfit, I chose a ribbed mock neck top and lighter wash black denim. I love how each item compliments the other. And these boots! I love these red stilettos but I won’t lie just because I love a great heel does not mean I am graceful in them. If you read my Thanksgiving post on Instagram I shared that I took a “fall” wearing heels in the parking lot, spilling my latte all over me and ripping holes in the knees of my jeans. It was so embarrassing but such a great lesson not to take myself too seriously. We’re all human right! But girls, if you like wearing heels, wear heels, just try and avoid the falling part, hehe! P.S. I did include in the widget below a cute flat that I wore while running errands afterwards and the purse for something a bit more practical ♥

XO, Emmarie. 

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