Black Floral Set + VLOG UPDATE

Black floral set. I love sets so much and here’s why! When you purchase a matching set you end up purchasing multiple outfits from two pieces. I love wearing it as a matching set but I also LOVE that I can style the black floral bottoms with a pink/white tank and jean jacket. Or the black floral tie up top with jeans and heels. You can also dress matching sets up or down by switching out heels for sandals/sneakers. It’s such simple styling and great bang for your buck. I wanted to share it as the black floral set on the blog but I will be sure to instagram how I style the pieces separately. I included some items I would style the pieces with below.

News on the vlog front:

You may have heard, Ben and I have been wanting to do a vlog for quite awhile now and the good news is, we actually have TWO in the works. The bad news is, it surprised us a little bit just how much work editing is. So we aren’t exactly sure when they will be shared. Little hang up’s like what we should call it have postponed and put it off as well. Plus we only have so much time with us both working full time.

But, total honesty here, I am little nervous to share what we have. First because we have zero prior experience. It’s a total shot in the dark and beginning “anything” is just well, kinda scary. Also because the first vlog we will publish I am kind of a bear on it, it’s a little embarrassing.

But, that is one of the reason’s we wanted to start vlogging! For you to have the chance to get to know us better as a couple. Our intention is to be as real as we can be (in front of a screen, haha). And hopefully to encourage everyone in a relationship. One thing is for sure. You will get your first glimpse of what Ben has to put up with (when I am hungry and cold, lol).

SO, that’s a little update. We will be sure to share with you when the first one is posted, xoxo.

P.S. Hope you enjoyed this black floral set, check out another feminine look here!

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