Birthday Tradition

I have always loved that I was born in December! In fact, it doesn’t feel like my Birthday until the tree is up. Growing up with activities like skating, painting Christmas ornaments, etc, as party activities was magical. Now as an adult, we keep things pretty simple but just as special. One thing that my husband and I have chosen not to do is buy each other gifts. Instead we put that money towards quality time together, like travel. All that matters, to me, is that I get to be with Benjamin and…DQ icecream cake (which really is a gift in itself). It’s a tradition that I have personally made for myself since my parents would home make me the most delicious icecream cake every year. The only thing that sort of comes close is Dairy Queen. Ben often drives me to Yorkton on the day of my Birthday to personally pick out the cake and I absolutely LOVE it!

Any guesses on how old I am? That can be a very dangerous question to ask but I think I can handle all your guesses 😉 Today is the 1st day of the last year of my twenties. I am officially 29 and I can tell you right now that I am going to make this year count. But, I can also tell you that it doesn’t make me sad to age. Turning 30 next year will be a CELEBRATION because I believe that with every year that God blesses me is the chance to be a better “me”. With age comes life experience and I choose to remain young at heart while benefiting from hopefully some wisdom that comes over the years.

Sparkles, glitter and tulle is what this outfit is all about! It’s as girly as possible and perfect to ring the Holiday Season in! December 1st everyone, can you believe it!

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year!”


Sparkle Bodysuit Wearing XS | Tulle Midi Skirt Wearing XS | White Pumps SOLD OUT | Black Tights

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