Well, hellllo, haha! Today, if you are not a mom or currently pregnant this blog will probably be of zero interest to you but I had (and I mean HAD) to write it. When I was expecting, I couldn’t even ‘think’ of baby purchases until the third trimester because I was so overwhelmed. I didn’t even know where to begin! And then, when I was able to wrap my head around making some purchases I think I drove my sister crazy running every single thing by her, lol.

So, you might think this is ‘just another round up’ but I truly mean it when I say I researched every single item included (unless it was gifted) and that we have used every one of these items daily. The only exception being, we had to wait for Alessandra to be old enough for some. So, this one truly is for the the mom’s who were like me and knew nothing 😉

I am going to explain thoroughly why and how we use each item so I hope it will help you in determining whether it’s something you are interested in.

Baby Bath in Grey

Our first bath at home I was sooo nervous that I made Ben help me, lol, but honestly this bath makes it easy. Even when Alessandra was a newborn it held her in place and it gave me total confidence to bathe her on my own. It continues to serve us well as she grows and is recommended for up to 20 pounds, extremely light weight, easy to drain and store. Bonus, it’s not a eye sore and the price point is quite reasonable.

Jolly Jumper Boomerang Nursing Cushion in Cream

Having a good nursing cushion is extremely important to help keep you and baby comfortable as you breastfeed (I took it to the hospital and used it from day 1). If you were to judge it by the picture, it doesn’t look great but there is a reason it has a 5 STAR REVIEW! The cream is gorgeous in person and even now that Alessandra is on formula it comes in handy for her to feed herself. I prop her up on the cushion and it supports her as she drinks her bottle. Worth every penny!

Also, you can use it when your baby is learning to sit. It will help catch them when they are learning how to balance.

Sophie the Giraffe Teether

I had heard that Sophie was a must have for babies! My mom ended up gifting it to Alessandra and she loves her. Whenever we’re out and about, I know when she has Sophie because I can hear the distinct rubber sound against her gums as she chews, haha. And, did you know Sophie is actually a classic!? A old toy brought back. I’m not sure why they ever discontinued it as the neck is perfect for little hands and is a all-time favorite by many!

BEIS Stroller Organizer

So, I may not have this exact stroller organizer but if I were to have bought one it would have been this one because of how much I love my BEIS backpack. We were gifted a stroller organizer and I didn’t understand how much it would come in handy until I used it. Our stroller has two cupholders and a spot for me to place my phone but that’s not enough. I put my keys in the organizer, my wallet and Ben loves to throw all of his things in it as well, haha. We were at the fair a couple weeks ago and it was extremely handy, we had a place for ride tickets, etc. Just trust me when I say you will use it!

Muslin Swaddles

I took these exact muslin swaddles to the hospital and used them for our baby announcement photo. I promise, there is no need to stress about that first photo, just have a swaddle in a color that you like and that’s really all you’ll need. I like the tones of these ones and we used them daily as a swaddle in the first few months or even just for spit up or drool, lol. I still use them when Alessandra gets cold, etc.

Avent Bottles

We switched Alessandra to formula at 4 months (hoping to share more details why we made that choice in the near future). One of the biggest hurdles for your baby to accept formula is not having the right bottle. I am so thankful we found the Avent bottles right away because Alessandra loves and still uses these bottles. I have both sizes, the 4 ounce and 9 ounce. Alessandra started on 4 ounces when she was eating every 3 hours. Now she eats every 4 hours so she mainly uses the big bottle. The small size still comes in handy when we are travelling and I need to keep her entertained. I will give her small bottles more often, to help her get through the long drive. Mom tip, haha!

Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Musical Bear

Just saying, Grandma’s give the best gifts! My mom gave this to Alessandra at Christmas and she has loved it even when she didn’t care for toys. It sings (surprisingly it’s not annoying) so even at 3 months Alessandra would giggle and smile at it. Now that’s she’s older she is even more interactive, learning how to push the paws to make her sing, etc. And as you can see it’s a learning toy!

Philips Avent Soothie Pacifier in Pink/Purple

Recommended from my sisters, all of their babies liked this brand of soother best. Alessandra liked it as well. She doesn’t really suck on a soother anymore but she does chew on it (good ol’ teething), lol.

Motorala Home Monitor

Such a good monitor! Wireless with great night vision and the sound is very clear. Fairly easy to use and set up, haha. I think the only complaint I would have about this monitor is that it’s quite bright on our bed stand at night and I have it dimmed as low as it will go. As far as getting the job done though, it’s been great.

Side note. I personally try not to be glued to the monitor but I really like having one. It’s helpful to be able to see Alessandra and know that she’s in a safe position and hearing her so clearly helped me learn her cries, etc. So, if you are wondering if you need a monitor or not, it just gives you peace of mind.

BEIS Backpack

Oh boy, this backpack! I watched so many reviews on it, lol and it has not disappointed. The only and I mean only complaint I have is that it’s hard to zip up with one hand but I really don’t know if there is any bag that wouldn’t pose that problem.

Shay Mitchell really knows her stuff and you can tell that she is an experienced mom because she has thought of everything. You don’t just get a diaper bag, you also get a changing pad, pacifier pouch, teething ring, wipeable odor proof bag (for dirty diapers or soiled clothing) AND stroller straps. There is also a spot for your laptop! Last thing, I have tried to be gentle (it’s a bit of an investment price wise) but there have been times it’s been handled roughly and it still looks PRIME. P.S A diaper back pack really is the way to go, all the mom’s say so and I would agree. It was a GREAT buy!

Munchkin 7 Ounce Miracle Trainer Cup

Have to thank my sister for this one! I was starting to stress once Alessandra passed 6 months because I knew I should be introducing water to her but I didn’t really know how. Enter this cup. It’s genius. Such a great way for her to learn how to drink water with a 360 degree edge that allows drinking from any side of the cup. The water comes out when you suck. Especially now, on a extra hot summer day, she gets excited to drink water from her cup.

Car Seat BLACKOUT Cover

I can settle Alessandra in just a few minutes in her car seat when needed with THIS cover! It was perfect in the winter, kept the wind and snow out of her face and has been so great for on the go naps (eliminates distractions). I don’t like to do that too often but when you need to, I am telling you, you need a blackout cover! It also LOOKS so nice, blends right into the rest of the car seat, stroller, etc.

Bumbo Chair

This one might not be for everyone 😉 but I knew I wanted a bumbo chair when I saw my nephews and nieces in one. So, it’s a bit sentimental, I’ll be honest. It also works great for us at the moment because we have a ‘island height’ table that is against a wall so we can place Alessandra in the middle of us in her bumbo chair right on the table. She loves it because she’s right with us, Benjamin and I love it because we can eat our supper and we have a happy baby! Now that she’s eating solids I also feed her in it as well and it’s been working for now. Eventually we will need a real highchair but at the present moment it gets the job done. I also will put her on the kitchen counter (only when supervised, of course) and she likes watching me as I cook.

Fisher Price 3-in-1 Spin & Sort Activity Center

This was gifted so I do not take credit BUT it’s been wonderful! Alessandra plays happily in it, it’s a nice size (doesn’t take up too much room) and it’s the prettiest activity center I have seen yet. I’ll be honest, I hate how tacky/ugly kid things generally are but I highly recommend this one and price point isn’t too bad either.

Well, it’s about time I sign off but there is one more thing I want to include that I could not live without and that is SLEEP SACS. I swaddled Alessandra for her first 4 months (until she could wiggle right out of them) and I am telling you, it helped her have the best sleeps! *Side note, I liked the easy swaddles like this! But, I was very worried about transitioning her out of the swaddle. I built it up in my head as being this big thing but she actually transitioned flawlessly into sleep sacs. I believe it helps signal to her that it’s naptime/ bedtime! We have a lightweight summer sleep sac for her made out of cotton right now and fleece in the winter. Snug as a bug in a rug. I personally buy ours at our local Walmart and have been happy with them, XO Emmarie.

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