At Home Teeth Whitening – Does it Work?

Did you know that smiling at yourself in the mirror can make you feel better?

It may seem silly, and even a little embarrassing at first but the power of a smile (even a fake one but I betcha it will turn into a real one) can improve your general mood and performance. It’s a practice I have been trying to implement on a daily basis!

Over the years, I have come to appreciate my smile. Growing up, I wasn’t blessed with a straight set of teeth. They were big, crooked and I was even teased that I had vampire teeth. When I got braces in high school, I felt even more awkward about my smile so I basically chose to withhold any kind of grin for three years. But, when my braces came off and I looked at the straight teeth that my parents had worked so hard to give me, I was over the moon. And then, of course, I couldn’t stop smiling! 

Since that day I have done every thing I can to take care of my teeth and a whiter smile has always been part of the equation. When I was asked to collaborate with Smile Brilliant and share my story, I jumped on board. This company was lovely to work along side. What I enjoyed most was what the company stands for. The sharing of individual’s unique stories and the power of a smile. It really is the best accessory you could ever wear!


Due to partnering with Smile Brilliant I have a discount code to offer as well as a chance to win $149 towards your very own teeth whitening here! Or simply use the code: lady-styles15 for 15% off.

Keep scrolling for a review on my experience with Smile Brilliant!


All honesty, the hardest part of the entire process was the first step (but worth the effort). I was sent a kit from Smile Brilliant to make a custom mold of my teeth. It felt like a bit of a science experiment from home but with the help of simple and precise instructions I was able to make a satisfactory mold that I sent back to the lab right away.


When my custom-fitted trays arrived in the mail, I couldn’t wait to try them out! I was absolutely amazed at the way they fit my teeth, perfectly. Every night an hour before I was ready to go to bed, I applied the whitening gel to my trays. Easy peasy.




I have used various forms of whitening (the Crest Whitening Strips come to mind) and while the results were comparable, I have never experienced a more comfortable whitening process. The trays that were specifically made for me are impressive (to say the least) and such an easy incorporate into my night time routine. I also wanted to mention that my teeth feel like they have just been cleaned at the dentist every time I whiten.

I am so excited that, now that I have my custom trays from Smile Brilliant, I am set for a lifetime of pearly whites!!! XO, Emmarie. P.S. Choose to smile ♥ P.S.S. Hope you win the credit! Take a moment right now to enter so you don’t miss out! All details below. 


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Coupon code: lady-styles15. Use the code for 15% off towards your own pearly whites ♥

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