Hey guys, my name is Emmarie Karcha and I am so happy to meet you! Assuming you are new here, I would love to introduce myself a little more. First of all, I am a lifestyle blogger and Monat hair stylist from small town SK, Canada. I am married to my husband of almost 11 years and we are expecting our first baby in November 21′. If you read my little bio I shared that we are excited and scared all at once…we’ve loved life just the two of us but are also excited for the next chapter! Not many couples are married an entire decade before baby enters the picture so we know it’s going to be a very big life change and quite the ride.

It’s hard for me to believe but I started this blog almost 4 years ago and I have learned so much along the way! It’s been a messy journey full of failure but looking back I wouldn’t change a thing because it brought me to the present. A world where I have learned to be braver every day and not sweat the small stuff.

Life is going to change in a pretty big way shortly as I will be on maternity leave beginning November. Which means I won’t be at the shop physically doing hair anymore. But thanks to Monat I have a way of helping beyond the chair which has been more fulfilling than I could have ever imagined and only become more important to me as I approach my mat leave. I share a lot about Monat on IG and how it has changed my life, if you would like to know more. Here on my blog you can find more lifestyle and clothing, xoxo, Emmarie.