Hey you guys, my name is Emmarie and I live in small town Saskatchewan (Canada) with my husband of almost 10 years. One of the things you will quickly learn about me is that I absolutely adore my hubby, being married and the life that we are building together ♥

So, truthfully, I started out using blogging as a tool to help me overcome some pretty big insecurities in my life. Building self esteem has been hands down, the HARDEST challenge of my life! But, as my blog and I have both grown, I have been able to turn this passion of mine into more than just a hobby/personal development tool. I have had the privilege of working with amazing companies and in 2018 I was accepted into Reward Style, where you can now shop my every day style. I love inspiring women to look and feel their absolute best and I truly believe a huge form of that is through personal style.

With that said, my biggest desire is to build a community of women that can empower one another to live their best life -a life free of insecurity and all the pain that is derived from it. I spent years not really “living” and I want to help others not fall into that trap! Most of all, I just want to see all of you succeed and for my blog to be a place that you can come, be inspired, encouraged and supported in all that you do! xoxo