A Little Dream of Mine ♥

dream of mine

You might remember awhile back when I announced that a particular dream of mine is coming true in December? Today, I am so excited to share the details behind that announcement!!! My husband is attending a trading conference in Vancouver, BC, and I get to join him for an evening at the IP Ball! First, I am amazed that my husband initiated taking me to a ball (not the other way around, haha) and second, this is something I dreamed of since a little girl but will admit, never actually thought would happen.

But, I am quickly learning that it’s up to us what dreams of ours come true ♥

So, can I ask for your help? I have the privilege of selecting a gown for this magical night out and I would love to hear your thoughts and opinion’s on what kind of dress you would like to see me in? If you can spare a minute and help me out (comment on here, Instagram or Facebook) it would make me so happy and I will take it all into account while shopping!

A) Princess

B) Fashionista/Trendy

C) Classic

A few comments about my outfit. This sweater is everything! From the striking color to the fabulous balloon sleeves, it’s darling. When I tried it on store I could immediately envision it cinched into a skirt. I adore red and blue together but I didn’t have the right red skirt so I made “do” with red lips. I love the way the colors pop against one another!

Thanks for joining me in fashion fun, and don’t forget to comment, XO, Emmarie.

Wearing XS in jumper and 7 in heels for reference *


Fine Knit Jumper in Red, Blue & Black | Skirt (similar, not exact) | White Pumps | S & D Earrings

dream of mine
dream of mine
dream of mine

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