SO, it’s true what they say about the second trimester being the sweet spot, haha! I don’t know what happened guys…I had every intention of doing a 2nd trimester blog but instead find myself a MONTH out from my due date. I’m a little bit in shock and I’ll warn you now, I am in a very honest mood thus the whole “survival” bit, LOL. This blog may be part therapy/hope to help ya’ll that are in the same position or will be, haha!

One thing I did want to note right off the bat is that I have approached pregnancy with the mindset that it’s just a season. And that has reflected in my purchases. I’m only sharing items that I truly have needed and it’s all very budget friendly because I just can’t justify investing in something that I won’t be using for years to come. In fact, some of the items that I have relied on I already had at home which was a huge blessing!

Ok, let’s get right to it!

Electric Heating Pad

This was an item I did not have to purchase as I have had a heating pad since 14. I actually bought it with my own money, my cramps were so bad and it’s one of the best things I have ever bought! I have had a lot of back pain with this pregnancy so I will often sit with the heating pad and a pillow in the evening and I have even used it in bed. I am very careful, I generally use it just to relax the muscles in my back and turn it off before I go to sleep. Obviously I never place it directly against baby but honestly it’s been a LIFESAVER!!!

2 Pack Nursing Bra’s

It took me awhile to break down and finally purchase some new bra’s. I actually think I forgot how it felt to be comfortable in a bra (don’t even get me started on how much under wire pinches when pregnant) and I will need nursing bras once baby is here. I am glad I finally listened to the wisdom of my sister and bought some that are comfortable and practical. And as you can see, they are extremely affordable. I bought both of the mama nursing bra’s in the black & grey combo and black & nude.

2 Pack Nursing Tank Tops

I know. The kicker about maternity clothes is that they’re not very cute. It’s an aspect of pregnancy I was never looking forward to but these tank tops really are very handy to have. Not only do they have a built in bra that is so comfortable (honestly, you don’t even feel it) but they are great for layering. I bought the black & white combo and am constantly reaching for them!

Maternity Leggings

Another not exactly exciting purchase but I am telling you, these feel like heaven to put on. I love the thick band over the belly and the fit/material is spot on. I actually bought a 2 pack maternity legging for the deal but wish I hadn’t and just stuck with these because they don’t even compare! And as you can see, these ones aren’t even that expensive! I bought one size bigger (small) than normal for the third trimester and am really glad as it has been very accommodating for swelling, water weight, etc.

Fluffy House Slippers

Another item that I had pre-pregnancy and have been wearing non-stop. My feet are so weary (and swollen) at the end of the day, these are a welcome comfort. I bought mine at Target 3 years ago and mine have held up so well. I love that they are a cozy slipper but almost like a house shoe too! You can even slip outdoors in them real quick! The ones I linked are from Amazon.

Bathtub Caddy Tray

Okay, I don’t have this yet but it’s going on my Christmas list because I have had sooo many baths while pregnant. And it’s something that I have enjoyed so much that I want to continue once baby is here. One thing to note when you are pregnant is not to run your water too hot! It’s important that you don’t overheat for babies’ safety but baths are safe while pregnant. Just watch the temperature and if you start to feel “off” at all, it’s time to get out. Many ladies are careful about what they use in their baths as well, I love a good bath bomb but have tried to make sure it’s all natural like this one. Keep in mind, it’s based on personal choice. Epsom salt is also a really great choice because it relaxes your muscles and treats aches and pains.

Before + After Ribbed Set

This set (available in black and grey) is in my cart right now. I am debating whether or not I need during the last few weeks and also could see how wonderful they might be after baby. My sisters have warned me how important comfortable clothes are for recovery after labour and I like that these are great for before and after.

Cream Throw Blanket

I couldn’t resist adding this blanket in because I can’t tell you how many naps I have had on the couch and how much I have appreciated a soft, cozy blanket like this one. You probably already have one at home. Don’t be scared to take full advantage of yours, especially during pregnancy. The fatigue is real and all the mom’s keep telling me to sleep while I can, haha.

Pillows King Size

Some women swear by their pregnancy pillows, with that said, I have been using regular pillows and they have done the trick. Once I couldn’t sleep on my stomach any more I started using a pillow between my legs. As my bump has grown I have found myself wishing for a king size pillow. I have had a few hotel stays while pregnant and the extra length is perfect! Again, it’s personal preference/priority but in my opinion I would opt for a king size pillow before a pregnancy pillow but that may just be me?! Fluffiness of pillow is 100% preference.


Cue the drama queen, haha, but I am feeling at 36 weeks how I imagined I would feel at 40. But! I have one week left of work to get through and hoping I can hide away for the rest of the time, lol. I laugh but seriously I may not go out in public a whole lot.

The hardest part about this last stretch has been the discomfort/pain associated with baby growing at super speed. And it totally surprised me once I hit the 32 week mark how each week got so much harder than the last. That felt like the tipping point for me and probably is what is making this last bit feel so long!

Second thing! THE SWELLING. So far, fingers crossed, I’m only swollen in my feet/ankles and I think most of that is due to the fact that I am standing all day at the shop. My hands and face are definitely rounder but not swelling like my feet. I have been monitoring them because I know certain swelling can mean complications. Thankfully I am less swollen in the morning so I think it’s just a unfortunate pregnancy side effect I wasn’t able to escape.

It’s almost hard for me to admit but I had no idea how much a person could miss having ankles and I am really trying not to freak out that my shoes don’t fit anymore. Pleassse tell me that they will fit again. It’s such a silly thing but the thought of not fitting into my shoes is just not okay. I have invested in my shoe collection and it would kind of break my heart.

The biggest thing I keep reminding myself is how temporary this all is! I know that I have a long road towards feeling like myself again once baby is here but I will just be so happy to be on the other side. In recovery.

Honestly, looking back at this whole experience, pregnancy has been what I expected it to be. HARD. It’s the end goal you focus on I tell you and I am so thankful for what I can only assume is this God given ‘fierce protectiveness’ that I already have towards my baby. The connection is what gets you through but I am definitely not one of those women who has enjoyed being pregnant.

Well, like I said, this blog may have been a little bit of therapy for me. It feels good to share the tough stuff but I do really hope it helped if you are in the same boat or will be soon. It’s not glamorous but that’s my reality. Before I go, I am curious. Momma’s, what was something you relied on during the last trimester of pregnancy? I would love if you shared in a comment below. You never know who it could help, xoxo, Emm.

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