3 Reasons I am Nervous to VLOG

Ahh, our very 1st Vlog!

Okay you guys, this is it! Ben and I’s very first attempt at vlogging. I kinda can hardly believe it because it’s something we have been wanting to do for so long and I am not sure what made us “just go for it” but all of a sudden it was GO TIME.

3 Things

So, there are 3 things that make me nervous about vlogging.

  1. Vlogging is scarier than blogging. I was actually talking to Ben about this the other day as I was a little nervous about this huge thing we were/are embarking on. When I think about vlogging -sharing our vlogs with the world it terrifies me so much more than blogging ever did. Why? Because I am not in total control. Now, hear me out. On my blog, I am in total control of the words that I post and the pictures that I share. If I don’t like an image, I can delete it on my camera never to be seen again. I can also control just how personal or impersonal I want to be on here…the point is, “I” call ALL the shots. With vlogging, the control is outta my hands. Not only do we just let the camera roll and do our thing, but I can’t always control the angles that are being shot or that my hair looks like a total mess because we got caught in a rainstorm, haha. I can control what I say but moments happen and I react maybe, not so gracefully. Those kind of things, lol.
  2. Vlogging is extremely personal. No, vlogging is not real life, we are still in front of a camera, hehe, but personal things can get shared here and there. And honestly, that’s what Ben and I want from our vlog. We want you to see raw and real moments filled with fun and exaggeration at times, lol. But, my point is being personal is being vulnerable and sometimes, that’s just scary!
  3. Vlogging is an INSECURITY nightmare. I can tell you right now, the person that I was three years ago, would not have been able to do this. I would have watched this video and bawled because I hated myself that much. Now, yeah, there’s some things that make me cringe, but now, I just try and see the woman that I am working on becoming. I try and see myself through my husband’s eyes and give myself grace.

So, now that you know why I am so nervous to share our vlog, you might wonder why the heck I am doing it!

That’s a GOOD question!!!

The reason Ben and I are vlogging is because we want to “try” and be a light on the Internet. Let’s face it you guys, there are some dark things that happen online and as much as we might not like to admit it, it’s not going anywhere in the foreseen future. The way Ben and I look at it: we can ignore social media in our lives and live quite peacefully without it (absolutely nothing wrong with that by the way, you are living a good life) but it just doesn’t quite sit right with us.

What scares us is, what if everyone that has a light to share did that? Then what? This online world that the majority of people partake in daily would become darker and darker. More hopeless by the minute. So, that’s why we are doing this. Because we feel called. And that’s kinda all there is to it, hehe.

P.S. I am more than a little embarrassed by my crankiness (you’ll see haha) but maybe it’ll help some people feel less alone in their struggles β™₯ hehe. This gal is a “work in progress” πŸ˜‰


psst. remember it’s our first one, lol #learningalongtheway

UPDATE: We have a few blogs now! Check out our channel HERE. This one is our most popular one so far.

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