2018 Reflecting


With every NEW year, I realize just how “short” the time span truly is. And I will admit, as tired as people may be of the themes that come at this time of year, I love reflecting on the ups AND the downs and setting new goals! I generally find that the hard times was where I grew and the exciting times motivated me to keep going and keep GROWING! Because no matter how much we like to admit it, without growth in our lives, we remain stagnant. And if we remain stagnant, in my opinion, we are going backwards.

Growth has never been a comfortable thing in my life. If I am totally honest, I would prefer to hide away from the world. Knowing this about myself and realizing it isn’t something that I love, I have pushed myself to grow (and it hasn’t always been pleasant). Ben and I have decided we don’t want ordinary lives and part of the excitement in an UNordinary life is doing things we are afraid to do. I don’t want to stay in the safe zone because I am scared to fail. And I most definitely don’t want to regret not doing all the things I secretly wanted to do.

Reflecting on the past year, I could have pushed myself more. I most definitely could have achieved more than I did but I am happy that I remained vulnerable and kept at it! Even if I’m still not where I wish I was. But I honestly think that’s the point! We should never be where we “want” to be. We should always be pushing for more (and I’m not talking about materialistic things)! A quote that has been running through my mind so much lately is “there are no shortcuts to any place worth going”. We have to work for it!

I love when a new year rolls around because it causes us to pause, reflect and re-realize our plans and goals. And all that it requires to achieve them! xoxo

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