18 Things About Me

  1. My dad was a true redhead (it’s faded some with age) and while I did not inherit his red hair I do have a strong red undertone. I LOVE it when it shines through because it makes me feel connected to him!
  2. I have been married for going on 7 years to the love of my life, Benjamin. We dated for 3 years before tying the knot. Every day that passes with him just gets sweeter! I am one of those annoying women always gushing about my husband but I honestly can’t help it because he is EVERYTHING to me. I am in awe of all that he does for us day in and day out. If you are single, I just want you to know that there ARE quality men out there. My husband himself will say that most men are pigs (which unfortunately is true) but that doesn’t mean you ever have to settle! I truly do believe that it’s better to be alone than with the wrong person. Wait for the right person because they will enrich your life in ways you never imagined possible.
  3. Friends is my ALL time favorite TV show! I have watched every episode multiple times and I never tire of them. When I am feeling low or lonely in any way, I often put an episode on and it honestly cheers me up.
  4. I genuinely can’t choose my favorite Friends character!
  5. Since I can remember I have always been passionate about clothing. My insecurity held me back from fully embracing it for many years.
  6. I give all credit of this blog to my husband. He wouldn’t let me say “no” any longer to my dream and has helped make it happen in SO many ways. Also, my younger sister deserves a shout out as well, she always told me that I should do it.
  7. It was really messy figuring out my blog (I didn’t have a clue what I was doing and I am still learning every day) but I don’t regret one single thing about it because if I hadn’t jumped in I never would have started and it has been one of the BEST things to ever happen to me.
  8. Ben and I live in small town, Saskatchewan and we love it! Most people around home are the most laid back, down to earth people you will ever meet. Status isn’t important here and it is a breath of fresh air.
  9. My husband and I live in a tiny 800 sq foot house and while we will upgrade one day it suits the two of us just fine. We love being able to travel and visit my family in AB whenever we can. We are so thankful for the lifestyle that affordable small town living has helped us to have.
  10. I am a hairstylist at a local hair salon in town. I have been doing hair for almost 8 years and it has been a wild adventure. It has stretched me in ways that hasn’t always been fun but has been so good for me. In my experience, haha, if you want to learn how to be tough, become a hairdresser 😉 I am my own boss (chair rental) to a regular clientele that I absolutely adore! If you are ever in Canora, SK, you will meet some of the friendliest people around, guaranteed. I am so grateful for the gig and the flexibility that I have!
  11. Growing up one piece of advice from my dad that has remained close to my heart was to embrace my femininity. To celebrate being a woman! This blog is me celebrating my womanhood every day!
  12. I live in a very colorful home (on the inside). While most people’s homes are neutral colors, mine ranges from yellow to blue to orange and I love it. Since our house is older, I feel like the color enhances our home’s charm.
  13. I have tried numerous times to work out. I can’t tell you how many times I have tried pilates, running, etc, but it just hasn’t stuck. Instead, I have focused on eating well and making wise choices in my diet. While I really do hope for working out and I to “click” this has been my lifestyle in the meantime. I seem to have better control of my diet. But, I do really look forward to Sunday (it’s my treat day)!
  14. Family is EVERYTHING to my husband and I.
  15. I wore braces in high school. I had “vampire” teeth 😉 and was always so embarrassed of my smile. My mom realized how much it was affecting me and made braces happen for me. I felt like a new girl when they came off and could not stop smiling (with my teeth)!
  16. This is more of a fact but I am naturally as pale as a ghost. If I do happen to get any sun, I burn (and look like a tomato) and the burn does not turn into a tan, I just return right back to white. So, I always SLATHER myself in sun tan lotion and am always wearing hats and sunglasses for any extended amount of time outside. I’m pale and embrace it.
  17. I have major celebrity admiration for Selena Gomez. I just think she is SO exotically beautiful! I love her music and I love that she has always tried to stay true to herself even with the entire world watching. And I LOVE her style!
  18. I am generally a very quiet person and am very introverted. I would much rather listen than talk especially in a large gathering of people. I think part of it is due to the fact that my biggest pet peeve in life is people who are all talk and no action. I “try” to be very careful with my words and hold myself accountable to not falling prone to that myself. Actions mean everything to me! Of course, like most quiet people, I do talk in my small trusted circles. I like to refer to them as my “safe people”! A place I don’t have to guard my words as much because they “get” me and understand the heart of who I am.

XO, Emmarie.

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