10 Ways to Fight off the Winter Blues

Is there anyone else who struggles with winter blues? 

For me, it has seemed to worsen with every year. It isn’t per say, a depressed feeling that I experience but has become more frustrating. So, to cheer myself up and hopefully you, I have assembled tips to make yourself feel just a little bit better!!!

Number one. Don’t go out in the arctic wind week after week to take pictures for your blog, lol…;) Instead cozy up inside with a hot drink and laugh at my insanity, haha.

Number two. Invest in a heated blanket (you will NOT regret it). I feel cold all day long so this is honestly something I look forward to daily. It’s one of the first things I reach for when I get home after work.

Number three. Go outside every single day that it’s warm enough!!! I go on a 30 minute walk every lunch break that I can. If temperatures allow, I jump on the opportunity to get outside and stretch my legs. And sincerely, the days that I do get to walk I feel so much happier. I know it’s a direct result of feeling that fresh air in my lungs and that sunshine beating down on me. p.s. dress warm of course.

Number four. Vent. Get out those negative feelings toward this harsh climate. Just, don’t go too crazy on this one. We don’t want a negative attitude, we just want to get the negative out ♥ and of course aim to replace it with something positive.

Number five. Eat healthy and try to limit heavy food. I crave carbs in the winter like none other but find they leave me feeling sluggish. If I limit carbs I enjoy them even more when I do partake, which is a bonus!

Number six. Make soup. Not only is soup delicious but it’s also light on the waist line and will fill you right up. p.s. make a type of soup you’ve never made before for fun!

Number seven. Peruse spring/summer attire online. Look at those floral dresses girl! Dream about that strappy swimsuit you want to wear on the beach! Browse and look forward to the days you can enjoy this fashion once again. p.s. take it one step further and GO ON A HOT HOLIDAY! Then you can shop for real!

Number eight. Take up a hobby. Use your time cooped up to do something you have always wanted to do and do it. This is a perfect time for those indoor Pinterest projects ladies. Just a suggestion! ♥

Number nine. Find the nearest hot tub for a good soak. Better yet, meet up with some friends and enjoy quality time while you warm up.

Number ten. Go out and buy a chic winter outfit ♥ Check out my Camel Wrap CoatOTK Stiletto Boots, and Beret to keep you cozy and bring out your inner fashionista. p.s. this camel coat is everything.

XO, Emmarie. 

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