Shop your DREAM Closet with an App & a Free Personal Stylist!


Do you struggle to put together a stylish outfit?

Maybe you don’t have the eye for fashion but want to look your absolute best? OR maybe you are the next Blair Waldorf but simply don’t have the time to scout out the best items in store or online?

I have a solution for you ♥

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Girl, Wash Your Face BOOK REVIEW

Are you PRO Self Help?

Self Help: designed to assist people in achieving things for themselves.

You guys, this was actually one of the hardest blogs that I have ever written. I read this book by Rachel Hollis and was torn if I should even review it or not. Why? Because, I honestly don’t think many people understand self help and self love. In my experience you either get it or you don’t and it can easily be misconstrued. And I have been on both sides.

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Every Day Beauty Products that I use Right to the LAST Drop (and then RE-BUY)!

Every Day Beauty Products that I use RIGHT to the Last Drop (and then RE-BUY)!

When it comes to makeup, I am no beauty expert but I have learned over time there is a big difference between a enjoyable beauty item and a must have! There are items in my beauty collection that if I run out, I am almost in despair! The products featured today I use almost on the daily and am personally obsessed with.

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Are YOU Struggling with Iron Deficiency?

Are YOU Struggling with Iron Deficiency?


Getting a little more personal on the blog today because it surprised me to learn how many woman are struggling (or have struggled in the past) with iron deficiency. In fact, a quick search in google and a tap into Statistics Canada informed me that iron deficiency affects 20 to 25% of the world population and is more common in women than men.

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2018 Reflection


With every NEW year, I realize just how “short” the time span truly is. And I will admit, as tired as people may be of the themes that come at this time of year, I love reflecting on the ups AND the downs and setting new goals! I generally find that the hard times was where I grew and the exciting times motivated me to keep going and keep GROWING! Because no matter how much we like to admit it, without growth in our lives, we remain stagnant. And if we remain stagnant, in my opinion, we are going backwards.

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Hot Chocolate, Fuzzy Slippers and Over the Knee Socks


I managed to persuade my mom and sister to take pictures in front of the tree in my FAVORITE at home clothes (that are not pajamas or lounge wear). The beloved sweater dress and over the knee socks. I wanted to share a few tips when ordering as it was a bit of a journey myself to track down the right items. P.S. I am also wearing my favorite slippers that I ordered online from Target. They are the warmest, coziest and amazing quality.

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